Saab 9-5 LED Light Bar Repair Kit

A DIY repair kit for the 2010-2011 Saab 9-5 rear LED light bar.


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The kit comes with everything you need to repair your 9-5 NGs rear LED light bar. The kit includes all electronics PC boards, wiring, and consumables needed. A detailed set of instructions with pictures is provided with the kit.


The light bar kit replaces the defective PCB and the LEDs and the new PCB eliminates current problems and can deal with fluctuation in voltage. It is also much more tolerant of moisture than it was from the factory.



  • Pre-assembled PCBs
  • No soldering of surface mount components
  • Reduced installation and assembly time
  • Simplified instructions

Assembly Time: 4 hours

Skill Level: Moderate



Included w/ Kit

    ·  Sealants
    ·  Desiccants
    ·  Super Glue
    ·  Wire
    ·  Fully assembled LED driver board and replacement LED boards
    ·  Heat Shrink
    ·  Detailed instructions with pictures



Required Tools  

A list of tools needed which are not provided is listed below for reference to ensure you have everything you may need before purchasing the kit.




  • Can you email me the instructions without purchasing a kit?
    Unfortunately, we can only provide the instructions with the purchase of a kit.

  • Who do I contact regarding support on this kit?
    Please send all requests for information/service on this kit to: lightbarkit95@gmail.com

  • How can I buy this kit if I live outside the US?
    If you live in a country other than the US, simply send an email to lightbarkit95@gmail.com requesting the kit.



Ordering and Purchasing Information

This kit is manufactured and shipped by Aaron Glafenhein. This is a DIY (do it yourself) kit and thus the manufacturer and eSaabParts.com each assume no responsibility for the parts in the kit being installed incorrectly.

This kit is not endorsed by Saab/Orio and exists due to the long standing lack of availability of replacement LED light bars from OrioNA. It was created and designed by a private 9-5 owner for 9-5 owners. eSaabParts.com only handles the e-commerce implementation of this product and all profits go to the individual that created this kit.