About eSaabParts.com

We do SAAB parts differently. We do it better.

Unlike all the other SAAB parts sites, our parts data is not just a database that some person behind an email address sold us in 2011. Instead, we have spent thousands of hours manually curating our data to ensure you find the correct and most up-to-date parts to keep your SAAB on the road.

Best shipping in the industry

Shopping for SAAB parts has historically been very frustrating. The status quo in the industry seems to be to trick you into thinking a site has the best prices by listing parts at cheap prices, only to leave you shocked when it's time to check-out and you see that the savings you thought you were getting were simply hidden inside an absurd shipping charge. Not only that, but who knows how long it will take to arrive!

Instead of penalizing you for wanting your parts ASAP, we've flipped the model and instead offer you overnight and 2-day shipping at prices you won't believe to be true. Not in a rush to get your parts? No problem, standard ground shipping is free and available on orders over $99.

Parts availability

It's no secret that some SAAB parts can be hard to obtain because they are either back ordered from SAAB or they are no longer being produced. As SAAB drivers ourselves, we understand the frustration. We know there is nothing worse than seeing your beautiful SAAB sitting around, unable to be driven because it needs a part that nobody can give you a clear answer as to when (or if) it will become available. We believe nobody should be put through that kind of punishment, so we've put extreme focus into ensuring you know the current and future status of each parts availability.